6 Carlaw Ave.
Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario

Studio Policies

Students must give a minimum of 48 hours for a missed class, otherwise the full class fee will be charged.
Hercinia operates on a not-for-profit basis. This means that the majority of your class fee goes towards paying your instructor with the remainder going towards studio rent, insurance and equipment maintenance. We try and keep our prices accessible despite these costs.
We run our classes on an ongoing basis, rather than as a session as most schools do. This gives students the opportunity to ensure a regular spot in a class while still having the flexibility to miss occasional weeks without paying. Because we limit our class sizes for optimal attention, the 48 hour cancellation window allows for a minimum amount of time for the instructor and studio to attempt to find a replacement for that spot in class. Students are welcome to find their own replacement to avoid having to pay the late cancellation fee.

1. Students will be conscientious about maintaining cleanliness and order in studio, kitchen and surrounding areas. This includes:
- placing all garbage, recycling and composting in the correct place;
- placing clothing and personal items in cubbies during class;
- leaving shoes outside of studio on rack provided
- ensuring all personal belongings are taken with them upon completion of class.
- Keeping food & beverage items in the kitchen area, and not on the dance floor
2. Students who choose to use rosin and/or chalk during classes will keep these items contained within the rosin "containment" area and the chalk container. Please do not use rosin or chalk in any other area of the studio.
3. Students may share in their enthusiasm for learning and offer advice to other students, but will not teach other students
4. Students will dress in appropriate attire for aerial training, free of buckles, zippers, etc that could snag on apparatus & free of any slippery sunscreen, lotions, etc

In order to provide a safe, supportive and fun learning environment, Hercinia Instructors will:
1. Ensure appropriate size and appropriate class planning that addresses the individual needs of each student.
2. Ensure that the studio is clean and open to students at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their allotted class time.
3. Ensure a safe and positive experience through safe practices before, during and after classes. Including, but not limited to, checking all equipment, rigging, etc, using appropriate mats for the skills being practiced, and ensuring students are working within their own abilities, and following safe progressions.
4. Maintain up to date knowledge and continually develop knowledge including, but not limited to, professional development, and updating safe practices knowledge.